The team of engineers of our company provides consulting and engineering services for projects in the field of electro works in the energy sector, for all stages of business- from conceptual solution and conceptual design, main projects and built design performed works to technical acceptance facilities.

Our area is medium and low voltage power facilities. Company Kopring-Em mainly engaged in the design and construction of electric power installations, distribution substations, low-voltage switchboards manufacturing and  switchgear for reactive power compensation manufacturing. We also do work by performing installations of electric motor drives, lightning protection installations as well as lighting installations in industrial facilities. By designing and constructing power cable lines, low and medium voltage transmission overhead lines. We offer turnkey design and execution services for the facilities of Solar Power Plants and Hydro Power Plants, which include connection to the electricity distribution system (DEES).

Engineering and consulting jobs services includes:

  • Preparation of tender documentation and studies for bids
  • Evaluation and planning costs and dynamic studies for bids
  • Designing the industrial-production facilities, distribution and industrial substations, power transmission  overhead lines and power cable lines
  • Designing of solar power plants on roofs and ground
  • Designing of Mini-hydro and Hydro power plants up to 10MW
  • Professional supervision of the execution of works in the energy sector
  • Consulting services for investors in all project implementation phases
  • Technical control of the of project documentation and control of the project changes
  • Services for obtaining location conditions, building permits, certificates of registration of the start of works and use permit under the Law on Planning and Construction
  • Adjustment of project and technical documentation to local regulations
  • Consulting and obtaining the legal-technical documentation
  • Consulting in the field of renewable energy sources – hydro power plants
  • Consulting in the field of renewable energy sources – solar power plants

Our services include delivery, installation, connection, testing and commissioning of the complete electrical equipment.

with more than 28 years experience in business, provides high quality and professional services to all his clients.



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