Renewable energy sources conference

Regional Center Nis realized the 8th Conference on Renewable Energy Sources: Energy Future of Serbia – Planned / Implemented, 2008 – 2018

Date and place:
Radon Hospital Amphitheater (4th floor), Niška Banja, Niš

  1. Positive legislation for the construction of RES facilities:
    Zoran Krstić, M.Sc. E.E.

9. Production program of medium voltage switchgear: Zoran Krstić, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineer, KOPRING-EM doo Niš Milosav Kubala, Commercial Manager EFACEC Praha s.r.o.

The aim of the Conference is to point out the importance of small power plants as renewable energy sources, to consider the impact of SHPP construction on the ecosystem as a whole, as well as to encourage the use of all RES, i.e. potential of the country, attracting potential investors, contributing to the increase of energy efficiency in both developed and EU countries .

The essence is to bring together all relevant actors, primarily engineers of all professions, working in companies and institutions, municipal, regional and state bodies, which in any way deal with this area.
It is also important to not only actualize the topic of RES at such gatherings, but also to attract potential investors, financial institutions and initiate activities related to the construction of small power plants, and to include our engineering potential from all aspects.

With the greatest possible actualization of RES, we are essentially increasing energy efficiency, and thus we strive to contribute as an engineering profession to the realization of the European Directive 20-20-20, which means that by 2020 27% of electricity is produced from RES and thus achieved greater and better engagement of all engineering professions.

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