Company for the design, engineering, manufacturing, commerce and services in the electrical engineering sector KOPRING-EM Ltd, Niš. Our many years of work, more than 25 years, we have gained experience, high renown and reputation in the market.

     Our field are electro-energetic facilities of the medium and low voltage. Kopring-Em is a company for design and construction of electric power installations, distribution substations, switchgears and production of reactive power compensation. We are also performing installation of electric drives, lightning and lighting installations in industrial buildings. Design and construction of cable lines, overhead lines of low and medium voltage.

     Complete engineering jobs in facilities small hydro power plants with a connection to the distribution network. This includes connecting cable or overhead lines and medium voltage measuring and protection switchgears.

     Kopring-Em was founded in 1992 as a private company in Niš. Code of activity – 3511 – Production of electricity, defined main activity of our company.